Lori Laird for Pasadena City Council
District H

The Importance of City Government

Many people are unaware that city governance affects every aspect of our daily lives – in many ways more so than national and state government do. Folks tend not to consider the importance of their local government—perhaps because city governments get much less attention from mainstream media sources than federal and state governments do.  

Like many productive cities, the City of Pasadena operates on a continual, non-partisan collaboration between elected officials, the city infrastructure and its employees, and the many citizens who reside here.

Collectively, the citizens of Pasadena compose a wide spectrum of many ideologies, many ethnicities and cultures, many religious beliefs, and different views. However, we share the common need for a welcoming, safe and clean place to live with equal access to vital resources … a place we call home!

My Non-Partisan Commitment to the Citizens of Pasadena, Texas

I am running for Pasadena Council – District H.

Regardless of our various backgrounds and ideologies, I am committed to listening, serving and responding to the needs of the citizens of Pasadena … those living in District H and all residents throughout our great city.

I am committed to:

  • the mission of progress and improving the image of Pasadena;
  • active participation and attendance at City Council meetings;
  • visible, daily community involvement;
  • helping residents of District H find solutions to problems they identify in our community;
  • routine presence at HOA meetings within District H;
  • supporting police, fire and EMS in their efforts to keep our citizens safe;
  • Assisting the Mayor and city council in attracting new businesses to Pasadena;
  • a focused response to the needs of constituents (not my own personal agenda);
  • implementing a District H Action Line (1-844-for-Lori);
  • improving citizen awareness to all available city services and resources.

I am well qualified to serve on city council. As an attorney and former police officer, I have many years of expertise in public service and the law.  Pasadena, Texas is my hometown—I grew up in this community and was educated in Pasadena schools.  I am active in community events, with the Pasadena Chamber of Commerce and the Pasadena Philharmonic Orchestra.  I have a strong work ethic and dedication to the citizens of our community.